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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so yeah that last post kept changing the video! augh annoying il find another one hahaha. anyways. umm i haven't posted in a while cause. 1 i have a presentation thursday 2 ive been busy with musicc stuff 3 cuz i forgot and 4 cause there really hasn't been anything to talk about lol. ummm ive been sick the past week which stinks. i haven't been able to hang out with anyone. ive been so bored haha. but i read last night lol. love reading its awesome! i can't wait til the twilight movie comes out on dvd its gunna be amazing!!! and even tho ive read the book i don't own it lol i know im lame like that. but i own all the other books haha. umm well i could talk about twilight for like ever so ill change the subject haha. ummm people are kinda annyoing me lately and by people i mean person haha. lyss knows who i don't wanna say on here. but if ya wanna know just message me on facebook. lol. sorry lazy mexican u can't do that but after u read it just ask and ill tell u at church. lol. ummm im going to the movies on saturday!!! its gunn be so much fun!!! lol. we were gunna go see Jonas Bros 3D but it wasn't long enough cause my rents are also gunna see a movie. but maybe next week or the week after sis. lol
Ok i can see what im writing now hahaha. umm and then im hopefully soon im gunna spend the night at darylyns!!!!! its gunna be amazing!!! haha. i can't wait!!! lol. and then i really wanna go to a book store right now hahaha.
and i really want a new phone and a new camera. hopefully ill be getting a new phone next month after i get payed!!! lol. but the camera will have to wait. cuz i have other things that i need to pay for...like books hahaha. wow this is kinda a novel. haha. i guess i had more to talk about then i thought lol. well i could go on for another who knows how long but i know my friends are like me and wont wanna read it if its to long hahha...or wait no maybe thats just me lol well i just looked and now im in edit haha i guess its not that long it just looks uber big right now hahaha.

well im out for now

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  1. Por fin...(Finally), you posted. haha, had to get the spanish in there. *scream* remember? "is that a good scream or a bad scream?" a good scream DUH!!! haha, that's how i feel right now. took me forever to sleep last night.
    so i wanna go w/ u to see that movie. hehe. we'll actually get to see a movie TOGETHER. and yeh, i've been craving bookstores too. gotta luv those french lol.
    anyways...u should email me. like SOON. OH! i gotta get that pic for you of that gorgeous guy from the magazine. but i think now that that other guy is hotter from the pic i showed u last night.
    so this is a letter..sorry.
    luv u hecka lots.


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