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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

haha =]]

so im really happy haha. =]]]] like really really happy haha. umm idk what to say! lol oh lil mexican i will tell u what that one means tonight haha. sense u figured out all the rest some how..im not sure how but u did...hmmm i keep forgetting to ask you that haha. anywho! i'm really excited for church tonight! lol. hmm is burdick back? lol idk i hope he is! lol

Ummm...so for some reason donkey txt me last night but i was asleep so i didn't answer lol. and it was really weird idk why he'd do that...but yeah..

umm i've been really thinking about what i'm going to do in the future....i really wanna go into the fashion industry...like really really want to lol. but my parents and brother are really shooting for the music industry...and i can't tell them no...i just don't have it in me....but this whole situation has been causing emoness...and i hate it...and if i tell my mom no she'll just say i'm throwing my life away...like she does when she see's me texting...(hense the 3 o clock texting time...)

haha but on a lighter note haha i watched Fringe last night haha it was hekka funny lol. well i thought it was anyways! lol. these people were getting their brains melted by a computer program and it was coming out of their nose! haha it was so funny looked like snot lol...

haha bear...what could i do without him...lol be very very bored after PT goes to bed at like 10 30 haha. no but he's cool lol.

oh ok so my new favorite song is You Found Me by The Fray lol. it's awesome! lol i was trying to put it on my profile but it was being gay and wouldn't let me *sad face* haha.

ahhh i don't know what to write...and i really want Hot Cheetos! lol. but ahhh haha. anyways ill write after church

PEACE, LOVE, AND PT haha i think it's funny boo lol.

Psalms 145


  1. haha me and my dad were laughing about that show the other night:)) we saw the commercial and we were like, what in the world?? :)

  2. O M G S H I LOVE THAT SONG BY THE FRAY! I JUST HEARD IT LIKE 2 TIMES TODAY!!!! = ]]]]]]] dudeeee i think you should go into the fashion industry!! like seriously do what you want!! lol

  3. haha, i figured it out cause i'm good like that lol! i wish! naw...
    Ash, if GOD is leading u toward the fashion industry then THAT is where u should go. And truthfully, it's a lot easier to get into the fashion industry then get into the music industry. and don't be emo. i went through that phase and it's not fun. besides...you have at least a year to figure it out. just give it to God and watch what He does with it, k? LOVE YOU HECKA LOTS!!!

  4. ps....i'm not going to see you today cause i'm sick!!!! grrr...i miss my lazy mexican!!! *sniff, sniff*
    are u gng monday?


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