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Monday, January 26, 2009

attention boo! haha <3

hey so yeah i think we should change bf to COMMA haha cause yeah and bf can stand for boyfriend lol. and yes he is! lol =]]]] hahaha it was so much fun! haha but yeah thats all i wanted to say hahaha. love you boo :] oh my gosh!!!!! HOW DOES DONKEY KNOW ABOUT BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!??????? omgsh! well thats good cause i was kinda perturbed by bear and his tude lol


  1. lol okay CommA haha!! i know sily donkey!! and he's gnna tell hmmm.... mountian?> lol and then the WorlD will know ugh and then boyfriend will be even more emo... GreAt lol well at least i love you :]]]

  2. haha. do you think bear told him? ahhh this is really frustrating!!! wait how do you know donkey knows? lol did donkey tell u? lol why would he tell mountain tho? and why would mountain tell bf? lol and if he knew that why would he be emo? lol. ahh this is really confusing! haha lets talk about it wednesday! lol love you too:]]]]]]
    ok so super sad PT isn't gunn be there wed...

  3. hahaha, those comments look really funny when i don't know what you guys are talking about:)

  4. you lost me at mountain.
    grrr....ashlyn u said we were gng to talk last wednesday. liar.
    donkey. bear. mountain. bf. very creative :\

  5. ugh one mountain is out to get me? duh! two donkey well ugh is a ding bat okay.. lol and think making fun of me is fun! lol but we need to fix it wed. since pt isnt there maybe u'll talk with me:]] haha jk but bf is confusing and comma is back to normal? say what lol :] love you MY bestie :]

  6. Hey Ashlyn! I like the new title...


he.s soooo cute!!!!

me my bro and my lil cuzin dominic

Scotty w/ a gay smile..says him..yeah he.s pretty gangster like that..sometimes lol =]

Luke..He.s cool but wierd...and needs to learn the diff between a reg bus and the short bus haha

haha i love stealing pics from my lil sista's page