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to gorgeous! lol

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I replied to ur umm...comment yeah that's the word hahaha so read it!!!


So I'm pretty bummed i wasn't invited to something that happened tonight... But whatever i know it was supposed to be a small thing. so yeah

um i really don't have anything to say... other than i love little Mexicans BANGS they are so amazing!! haha

um and I'm pretty ecstatic about going jogging tomorrow with my mum and sis. its gunna be fun!

and I'm really tired and to lazy to write anymore so

Peace see y'all lata. write more tomorrow...hopefully

oh yeah and i do think ill be able to go to darylyns on Sunday!!!!! yaya!!! lol super ecstatic!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haha kawinkydink

So it seems like every friend of mine is going throw about the same thing right now...well not the same exact thing but the same subject of a certain species, which is kinda weird btw. haha. But its ok. So I really like this purple && yellow thing haha. I have no clue what to write as of right now. I'm really bored. I'm kinda hungry but not really. Haha yeah I know I'm deep huh?

God has just been really telling me I need to trust in Him more about a certain species. And that in His own time everything will work out. And I accept that....but I'm about the most impatient person ever! haha So that's exactly what I'm going to do....wait and hopefully sooner than later everything will be exactly the way God wants it to be. But for now i give up. haha Its better this way. I wont be so worried about everything. lol. And I'm kinda relieved about it all. I mean no worries about anything. I just think its better to leave this up to Him cause in the end His plan is better for me anyways. =]

Urg so too little mexican I will email you as soon as i possibly can hahaha

well i really dont have anything else to say. hahaha. well i didn't have anything to say in the first place...hense the reason i was rambling on and on and on...which btw is actually fun sometimes!!! hahaha

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im really hyper and i want to be stupid with someone but no ones here to save me haha. urg. im too lazy to do any more yellow but ill prolly go back cause i have nothing else to do and put it in hehehe. ehhh no im to lazy..sorry hahaha

"NICOLAS LOOK ITS MEGAAANNNN...that woulda been really cool...yeah woulda been"
hehehe peace love and edward cullen....idk im really bored and i dont wanna think of anything clever right now...wow im in a really sarcastic mood. this is awesome. lol.

u think its cuz were awesome?...i think its cuz were awesome...hahaha


Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ugh this is so gay... my mum is so not cooperative... I want to cut my hair... she says no cause ill look "plain" watever that means... ugh... and then i want my hair cut a certain way and God forbide that it has some short layers...and they're not even short. maybe like bottom of the ear short...but NO! and then she goes oh look up this girl from american idol.... so i look her up and oh no guess what...her hair is exactly like mine...go figure right?!?! ugh...this is so unfair...its gunna grow back ITS JUST HAIR!!!! ugh.... she wont even look at the pics of the hair i want...and its not like i wanna die it rainbow colors!!! grr.... and i don't know exaclty how to ask her cause she shoots down everything i put out there....its so lame....ugh well i could talk about this forever...trust me...but im gunna change subjects to save u all from having to read it...

So im excited...imma go to the movies tomorrow!!! lol. and imma see Jonas Brothers 3D hahaha don't ask why im really bored...ok?! hahaha well it better be ok...and if its not ull get over it hahaha.

oh and get this...even b4 i can get my hair cut i have to loose weight...yeah its real fair...ugh...but i always have to do things b4 hand so by the time she says i can get it cut i know what i want...and hopefully shell say yes...eventualy...urg...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Found Me


so yeah that last post kept changing the video! augh annoying il find another one hahaha. anyways. umm i haven't posted in a while cause. 1 i have a presentation thursday 2 ive been busy with musicc stuff 3 cuz i forgot and 4 cause there really hasn't been anything to talk about lol. ummm ive been sick the past week which stinks. i haven't been able to hang out with anyone. ive been so bored haha. but i read last night lol. love reading its awesome! i can't wait til the twilight movie comes out on dvd its gunna be amazing!!! and even tho ive read the book i don't own it lol i know im lame like that. but i own all the other books haha. umm well i could talk about twilight for like ever so ill change the subject haha. ummm people are kinda annyoing me lately and by people i mean person haha. lyss knows who i don't wanna say on here. but if ya wanna know just message me on facebook. lol. sorry lazy mexican u can't do that but after u read it just ask and ill tell u at church. lol. ummm im going to the movies on saturday!!! its gunn be so much fun!!! lol. we were gunna go see Jonas Bros 3D but it wasn't long enough cause my rents are also gunna see a movie. but maybe next week or the week after sis. lol
Ok i can see what im writing now hahaha. umm and then im hopefully soon im gunna spend the night at darylyns!!!!! its gunna be amazing!!! haha. i can't wait!!! lol. and then i really wanna go to a book store right now hahaha.
and i really want a new phone and a new camera. hopefully ill be getting a new phone next month after i get payed!!! lol. but the camera will have to wait. cuz i have other things that i need to pay for...like books hahaha. wow this is kinda a novel. haha. i guess i had more to talk about then i thought lol. well i could go on for another who knows how long but i know my friends are like me and wont wanna read it if its to long hahha...or wait no maybe thats just me lol well i just looked and now im in edit haha i guess its not that long it just looks uber big right now hahaha.

well im out for now

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

haha =]]

so im really happy haha. =]]]] like really really happy haha. umm idk what to say! lol oh lil mexican i will tell u what that one means tonight haha. sense u figured out all the rest some how..im not sure how but u did...hmmm i keep forgetting to ask you that haha. anywho! i'm really excited for church tonight! lol. hmm is burdick back? lol idk i hope he is! lol

Ummm...so for some reason donkey txt me last night but i was asleep so i didn't answer lol. and it was really weird idk why he'd do that...but yeah..

umm i've been really thinking about what i'm going to do in the future....i really wanna go into the fashion industry...like really really want to lol. but my parents and brother are really shooting for the music industry...and i can't tell them no...i just don't have it in me....but this whole situation has been causing emoness...and i hate it...and if i tell my mom no she'll just say i'm throwing my life away...like she does when she see's me texting...(hense the 3 o clock texting time...)

haha but on a lighter note haha i watched Fringe last night haha it was hekka funny lol. well i thought it was anyways! lol. these people were getting their brains melted by a computer program and it was coming out of their nose! haha it was so funny looked like snot lol...

haha bear...what could i do without him...lol be very very bored after PT goes to bed at like 10 30 haha. no but he's cool lol.

oh ok so my new favorite song is You Found Me by The Fray lol. it's awesome! lol i was trying to put it on my profile but it was being gay and wouldn't let me *sad face* haha.

ahhh i don't know what to write...and i really want Hot Cheetos! lol. but ahhh haha. anyways ill write after church

PEACE, LOVE, AND PT haha i think it's funny boo lol.

Psalms 145

he.s soooo cute!!!!

me my bro and my lil cuzin dominic

Scotty w/ a gay smile..says him..yeah he.s pretty gangster like that..sometimes lol =]

Luke..He.s cool but wierd...and needs to learn the diff between a reg bus and the short bus haha

haha i love stealing pics from my lil sista's page