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Monday, January 26, 2009

Psalms 145

So this weekend was amazing! lol i spent the night at Boo's house which was a blast...u give him hugs ALL the time..haha..good times...high foot! lol. and we went and saw Mall Cop with PT and Janel! lol which was awesome! haha SHAMOO!!! haha that guy was awesome! BF talks so loud on the phone...hahaha. Saturday was interesting. lol. went to Bel Passi with Boo which made me really hungry lol. the oldest was kinda annoying tho! haha. hope thats not going on still. Sunday was a blast! church was really good! i miss Burdick tho! his baby is so cute!!! Boo's "boyfriend" is getting annoying...frggin emo kids lol. and BF is not helping out being way to emo for his own good! (pray for him)...but im pretty sure he hates matt now...lol jk (u know what i mean ash) lol. im so mad it "boyfriend" right now tho! urg give her a friggin hug already!!! he knows he wants to! lol. that beanie was not cute tho..sorry! haha.
so today i woke up way to early...lol...i did devos with Jeff over texting..lol...it was interesting i cannot multi-task in the morning! lol. but im glad i did...cause i really needed it. Pslams 34, 145 and 146 are amazing! exactly what i needed to read this morning! lol...then i fell back asleep...hehe. Bear last night at church was kinda annoying but thats cause donkey was there! haha but he was cool when he text me...he apologized to who he needed to apologize to lol so then i text him back. but i'm glad i did cause he said some things that i really needed to hear! which was good cause now i think i can talk to PT without chickening out! =] thanx bear! lol
umm small child is kinda gettting annoying but friends love at all times so im trying to get over it...its all in Gods hands!
and omgsh lil sis! haha u were so funny last night! haha. i about died lol don't tease me! haha it was really funny tho and im sure u'll keep doing it which is fine! haha.
haha omgsh my lil mexican was there last night! that was awesome! haha. the blonde one should go over to her house more often! lol =]]]] lol. hmmm i wonder if she still likes the same person...??? lol i forgot to ask her...




  1. okay take two... lol so COMMA haha and small child ugh lol ps bear was soo nicer after church and ya uh how does donkey know about boyfriend>? angry lol and it was the biggest hug ever not even gonna lie(COMMA) lol wow high foot! ha and ya boyfriend and bf are EMO!!! lol where are my hugs ugh stupid head. ya i went there lol SHamU!!!! ya uh EVERYONE can hear you! haha awesome pt was super sweet :]] love you bestie :]]]

  2. OMGSH PSALM 34 IS MY PSALM! lol haha i am glad iwas bein funny. but hey if i ever bugg you and ''HIM'' dont even be afraid to tell me! lol he prolly is sooo scared of me ha ha ha

  3. haha, so how lame am i? just saw this post lol. LOVE the last paragraph about me ;)
    the blonde one? haha LOVE IT!!
    ttyl, MISS YOU


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