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Saturday, December 20, 2008


ok so my family really needs to stop stressing me out!!!!!!!!!! it totally sux..like my bro promised a week ago he'd take me to do some stuff today...and guess wat...he somehow is too busy! ha. he's not doing ANYTHING! he's watching tv. it's so dumb!
and i kinda hope "gfbfs" is uninvited cause of crap that happened and my homeslice needs to do it haha. it's not gunna be as much fun is she's there...and now she's like trying to plan stuff...for the three of us when she techically wasnt invited anywas til homeslice started feeling bad. (family...gotta love em haha) so idk wats going on yet...
ohhh and "gfbfs" was totally rude with "S" and "M" its so dumb...she can do watever she wants... and im so sick of it...people are just so dumb! but i really did have a few laughs from her problems haha...but im there for family...so i just laughed inside haha.
OMGSH OMGSH OMGSH 2 MORE DAYS TIL BOO'Z BDAY!!!!!!!!! im soooo excited! lol it's gunna be so much fun!!!! i can't wait! and since we didn't do the thing today maybe we cud do it on monday =] if "BF"s and "G" mom says yes!!!!!!!!!


  1. I sowwwwy my ash ash!! = ( I hate it when that happens.ickkkkkkk. prayin 4 ya!!! Dude but I totally feel ya!! LOVEEEE YOU

  2. You need to post moreeeeeee......=)
    Im waiting...lol LOV YOU BBFF


he.s soooo cute!!!!

me my bro and my lil cuzin dominic

Scotty w/ a gay smile..says him..yeah he.s pretty gangster like that..sometimes lol =]

Luke..He.s cool but wierd...and needs to learn the diff between a reg bus and the short bus haha

haha i love stealing pics from my lil sista's page