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Saturday, December 27, 2008

havent been on in 4ever

so i havnt been on in awhile...im to lazy to think of anything to write! =] (lazy mexican!) haha. anywho! im really bored and don't feel like spellin things correctly...as usual! lol anywayz i was sooooooooo hyper last night just ask luke he knoes! lol. so What not to wear iz an amazing show! and idc wat u say bbff clint iz so gay! lol. =P and u know im right don't even try to prove me wrong lol. anywho. ummm i spent like almost all of my money on clothes yesterday it waz a lot of fun!!! wow it took me like five times to correctly type the word fun hahaha. lol. im really hyper right now and i think i have to help my mom cook but i want to play video games grrr =[ lol. and im not even hungry food smells so bad to me right now yuck! I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORRO see i told u i was a.d.d lol. i love sundays they're the best. urg and i want to buy boots but i don't have enough money and i'll have to wait til febuary cuz i have to pay for the new phone im getting and i won't have enough money for both...very depressing. lol. so i dont think there is anything to write about...hmmm...oh yeah i hate cleaning...fyi...lol...OMGSH OMGSH OMGSH Detour is only like a week away not even im so excited!!!! but im bummed its not 5 days =[ and derrick isn't going. it waz so much fun last year. but now im stuck with rachel and i have no one to make fun of her with =[ lol. oh well he's the one missing out. so SCOTTY UR A DORK! jms u know that lol playing eye of the tiger what a nerd love that nig nig. haha. anyways! im really tired...no hyper...no both!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and im not changing the color of my font =[ im to lazy well imma go play elder scrolls oblivion PEACE LOVE YA!


  1. ur crazy love haha! = ] I MISS YOUR BUNS!

  2. FOR REAL YOU NEED TO POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he.s soooo cute!!!!

me my bro and my lil cuzin dominic

Scotty w/ a gay smile..says him..yeah he.s pretty gangster like that..sometimes lol =]

Luke..He.s cool but wierd...and needs to learn the diff between a reg bus and the short bus haha

haha i love stealing pics from my lil sista's page