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Thursday, December 18, 2008


So ppl are freakin mad at me! ugh!!!! i hate it
but on the bright side imma have sooooooooooooo much fun on monday!!!!
omgsh!!!! i hope i can hang out with my friends on saturday cause my lil cousins are comin over and idk if ill have to be here or not....if my mom will let me go....grrr....
omgsh i think we shud change it to monday hehehe. but idk. if the guys can go monday! ugh and then again i might be going to the mall saturday so maybe we can all hang there!!!? huh....idk!!! lol...


  1. Monday? Saturday?
    wow...I love how I have no clue what your talking about. lol. Well I guess I will find out if you want me too.1

  2. Ashlyn Sanchez i love you. haha. omg just to let you know the other day on the way to church I totally saw a HUGE truck that said Sanchez and I almost screamed...like you screamed when I mentioned GORGEOUS' name on txt. lol. gosh we made great nicknames up for the ppl we like, remember, " GOSH I hate guys cause they are so gorgeous, BUT I love them cause they are so gorgeous" haha good memories good memories! Hey ask ur mamma if u can come sunday!

  3. ur a spaz lol!!! totally add,
    that's ok, i'm not mad at you so it makes it all better right? hehe.


he.s soooo cute!!!!

me my bro and my lil cuzin dominic

Scotty w/ a gay smile..says him..yeah he.s pretty gangster like that..sometimes lol =]

Luke..He.s cool but wierd...and needs to learn the diff between a reg bus and the short bus haha

haha i love stealing pics from my lil sista's page